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Inclusion, equity, and unity through ice skating.

At Unity Ice Academy we strive to provide access and education to the sport of figure skating and instill life lessons of determination, confidence, and drive in children. Register today to be on the waitlist for our Summer Camp.
Summer Camp

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities on and off the ice. Learn more



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Our 2nd Annual Fundraiser Event is just around the corner and tickets are available for purchase now!

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Ice skating has a transformative effect on young people. Lessons of confidence, self-esteem, and pursuit of excellence are learned in this sports and these are lessons learned for life!

Unfortunately, limited access to equipment, coaching, ice time, and overall expense are major contributors to the lacking diversity and inequity in ice skating. For children of disadvantaged backgrounds, these barriers can make ice skating inaccessible, despite any natural talent and/or passion for the sport.

Unity Ice Academy strives to change this! Our goal is to bring all children together through ice skating by offering equal access, opportunity, and coaching through our summer program.



Growing up as a competitive figure skater, Ashleigh Ellis was the only person of color from a working class family at her figure skating rink and many of the competitions she competed in. She knew what it meant to feel the lack of diversity in the sport she loved so deeply.

As the leader of Unity Ice Academy, Ashleigh Ellis will bring great value to the company. She truly believes that figure skating has altered her life in such a great way by helping her always believe in herself. This put her on a positive & confident path to young adulthood and graduating college. She is ready to motivate and inspire young children.

Using the tools they learn from ice skating, these young children will grow into young women & men with dreams, goals, and desires bigger than they ever could have imagined before Unity Ice Academy.
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Contact us to learn more about how you can help Unity Ice Academy and make a difference through ice skating.

Unity Ice Academy is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Contributions to Unity Ice Academy are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by the law.
Unity Ice Academy's tax identification number is 87-3768554.